My beautiful daughters

This is a lovely photos of my 2 girls . We had a girls day out at Lavendula in January. It is a  fabulous lavender farm in Dayesford. Kelsie is my 5 child and 1st daughter and Lydia is my baby nearly 9 . What a joy they are to me and such an encouragement. I praise God each day for blessing me with 2 dear little girls to share my life with.He certainly does give you the desires of our hearts.

High Tea please.

This is a peek at my tea party quilt or table topper I am doing. Having fun but ran out of cotton that I was using for the lacey corners on the blocks.I have to wait to the Quilt Convention in April so will be busy again when I get home :)  I have more done so will update later. I am having fun using the shrinking fabric . I just love the effects it gives.

The cente medallion is surrounded with blocks of teapots and cups as well as flying geese .

These are the centre medallion corners

This is looking a little creased but once I iron it and quilt it heavily it will be fine:)

Happy Birthday Sis

My baby Sisters Birthday today and am making her a  cover for her brand new kenwood mixer that she just received from her hubby. Wasn't she spoilt. I will let you know what I do when I get some fabric. I have a few months as they are coming from NZ for a visit in July so she is picking it up then. Meanwhile I embroidered her a couple of hand towels. Hope she likes them:)

Up date on the monagram

This is what I did over the weekend with my bits. I have decided to make a pillow cover. I had this gorgeous trim ,so have added some lovely gold leaves I had and stitched them on. I quilted  xhatch style and added a border to the centre panel and stitched it on in gold thread.

I had this lovely trim so cut shape of flower out and added some gold leaves to it.
xhatched a lovely piece of Micheal Millar fabric and shaped and stitched on with a blanket stitch.

This is as far as I have got so far. :)
The ruched fabric on the side is the curtain off cut I have just purchased so I reversed it to bring out  the taupe colour that I wanted to match., Pleased so far ,so will let you know what I end up doing to complete it.

What to create?

I was playing around and embroidered this Monagram and have been wondering what to do with it so thought I would share the steps of creating something ( Not sure what ) but wait and see . hehe
Found some bits of lace and trims that I liked with it and just got a couple of off cuts of curtain material from our local fabric shop . I always buy ends of rolls as they are a lot cheaper and you can use them for making pillows,bags table runners etc. Just got an extra 3 rolls and each one is only $10 so is good to use when you are playing around.
I am not sure whether any of you are like me but this is how I love to create . Just to start with an idea or a piece of fabric, button,trim etc and go from 1 step to another and then before you know it you have made something original and unique and loved the journey.I love the element of surprise when you work this way.

table runner finished at last:)

Just finished another project very pleased about that ! I love starting new things and trying new ideas but to finish the project is yet another challange :) I have made this all on my embroidery machine as well as stitching it together on my regular machine. The orange peel blocks were made 1st and then it evolved from there.
I have quilted as you go even the borders so was pleased with the outcome. Hope you like it as well.:) If any of you want to know about the embroidery designs just give me an email. Blessings and trust your day is a special one giving thanks for Gods provisions and mercies .
Ps with the quilt as you go this turned out to be reversable as well.:)

Hearts for Christchurch

These are my 4 hearts that I have made for the people in Christchurch that have just been through a devestating earthquake. is the link for a run down on them and all the wonderful hearts people are sending from all parts of the world. Very heart warming:) May be just a little token of peoples love ,prayers and thoughts.
Don't know which is my favourite but leaning toward the cream vintage one. I am going to get creative with my daughters and make some more.
:Hope it may inspire you to take part. Nearly anything goes :)
Happy sewing Robyn x