What to create?

I was playing around and embroidered this Monagram and have been wondering what to do with it so thought I would share the steps of creating something ( Not sure what ) but wait and see . hehe
Found some bits of lace and trims that I liked with it and just got a couple of off cuts of curtain material from our local fabric shop . I always buy ends of rolls as they are a lot cheaper and you can use them for making pillows,bags table runners etc. Just got an extra 3 rolls and each one is only $10 so is good to use when you are playing around.
I am not sure whether any of you are like me but this is how I love to create . Just to start with an idea or a piece of fabric, button,trim etc and go from 1 step to another and then before you know it you have made something original and unique and loved the journey.I love the element of surprise when you work this way.

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