table runner finished at last:)

Just finished another project very pleased about that ! I love starting new things and trying new ideas but to finish the project is yet another challange :) I have made this all on my embroidery machine as well as stitching it together on my regular machine. The orange peel blocks were made 1st and then it evolved from there.
I have quilted as you go even the borders so was pleased with the outcome. Hope you like it as well.:) If any of you want to know about the embroidery designs just give me an email. Blessings and trust your day is a special one giving thanks for Gods provisions and mercies .
Ps with the quilt as you go this turned out to be reversable as well.:)


  1. Just gorgeous!! I wish I was there so you could have shown me how to do the quilt as you go... one day :)
    I'm going to do a blog post about you one day to introduce you to some friends in blogland :)

  2. I really love your table runner Mum :) it trued out beautifully :) Just can't wait for you to use it :) Keep up your wonderful work.
    Love you lots